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Registered Professional and Licensed Google photographer
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Wedding Realty Bielien Event vacation Shooting

Stage 7 Photography

Since the beginning of 2017 I am in Mallorca for you on the go.
Together with my partner I accompany on this beautiful island couples and newlyweds for wedding shooting m it my camera.

My partner makes styling and makeup for the Perfecten look .

An insight into my work you can find in the portfolio , or simply talk to us directly.
Wedding Photography
Probably the most beautiful event in life, the wedding is not far off and you want lasting memories? As a wedding photographer I accompany your festivities and make sure that you completely forget anything about your big day.My eyes catch your emotional heart moments and keep them fixed for eternity.
event Photography

I like to accompany you photographically in your company or family celebration, your dance, your personal appearance on stage or your business event.
The extent determined by you. This also my offer and fee depends. In any case, a personal interview will be held in advance in order details - such. To discuss - as program execution and highlights.
My pictures on your wall!
My works can also hang on your wall. It does not matter whether Native rooms Your offices or doctor's office.
In my shop you can find some of my works selectees they are available on Different substrates.

360 ° Tour

Panoramic images are digitally composed of several individual photos, enabling special image formats. Especially complete 360 ​​° images look impressive while interacting with the computer. The viewer stands in the center of the frame and can look through mouse movements in all directions - as if he really befände locally.
you will find several examples here.
Look Inside 360
Real estate Photography
Perfect photos of your rooms
You want to sell a property? Do not be ashamed longer for bad photos in your listing. Do not use Handycam and show who look like especially top properties your colleagues. Whether for your website or a sale Folder - we support you with professional photos of your property.
Especially if you want to leave a professional impression consistently professional, such as a real estate agent or architect, it is important not to let their presentation fail in the visual aspect. Finish off your appearance and complete their service with the perfect photo or visualizations. We also offer virtual tours.
Passport photos and images canditature

For official documents such as passport, identity card, driving license or Visa are required so-called biometric passport photo. In my studio I make these images, fast, inexpensive and take them to immediately. We also like to take care of the styling and the Perfect Photo makeup.
Come agreement by appointment in our studio in Artá ​​C. Santa Margarita 32 A.
Google Street View
Webdesign, SEO & Hosting Domain
All from one hand
We create your website on request as responsive web design - optimized for mobile devices. Your customers can take advantage of the smartphone and tablet site on the go

We are working with our drone all over the Lower Rhine and taking pictures from a great height.
I also am always available if you have questions about aerial photography and our company. We take pictures of your house, its premises or agriculture as we make films and images of hard to reach areas such as gutters of church roofs or testing of solar systems.
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Stage 7
Fotografie und Webdesign
Carrer de Santa Margalida, 32 A - 07570 Artà | Tel: +49 157 1500748
Oder Kontakt Nina Czubek Tel: +34 610 28 38 77
Stage 7
Fotografie und Webdesign
Lars Knoch C. de Santa Catalina 20b - 07570 Arta | Tel: +49 157 1500748
Oder Kontakt auf Mallorca Nina Czubek Tel: +34 610 28 38 77
Created By Lars Knoch Webdesign / Impressum
Google Street View
Look Inside 360
Eingetragener Berufs und Lizenzierter Google Fotograf
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